How cool would it be to have a place where mopedders all over the country share what they do, where they ride, who they ride with, their garage, their mopeds, who they are and little snapshots of their lives?

I decided to start a project where I send disposable cameras to various mopedders across the country and give them complete freedom of what they want to shoot and share with others.

The sharing aspect is where rippin.me came about. When the disposable cameras are returned, the images will be uploaded to the website for you, and everyone else to see and share with others.

This project is completely free for anyone who wants to participate.

How does this project work?

When you contact me, I send you a camera with a pre-stamped return envelope. You shoot the camera within a specified amount of time and send it back in the provided envelope. Then it’s the waiting game! The faster you return the camera, the faster you get to see what you photographed.

While the site is functioning in a completely non-profit manner, you can help fund the project by purchasing super awesome stuff on the merch page. Each transaction goes directly into purchasing cameras, shipping them, and developing the images.

rippin.me is a site where I want to build an ongoing feed of photos shot by mopedders.

I’ve been greatly inspired by the moped community and hope that this will inspire others as well. :)